2021 Announces Plans to Swiftly Kick You in the Genitals

REGINA, SK – In a press conference held at the Legislative Building this morning, the newly inaugurated year of 2021 announced its plans to build off of the work of 2020 by adding to all of the heartbreak and tragedy you’ve endured over the course of last year with a swift and unexpected kick to […]

Addiction Counsellor Relieved to Hear that Patient Can Quit Anytime He Wants To

SASKATOON, SK – A huge breath of relief was exhaled today by Sandra Nillson, an addiction counsellor who has been practicing for fifteen years, upon hearing that her newest intake patient is not addicted to various chemicals and high risk behaviors but choses to partake in them daily solely on his own volition. Daryn Giles, […]

Report: Enough Time Has Probably Passed to Throw Away Christmas Gift from Grandma

After consultation from a panel of scientists, psychologists, and consumer behavioral specialists, The Pot Hole News can confirm that enough time has probably passed that you can throw away or donate that lame gift you got from Grandma this Christmas. “Our research suggests that over 30% of household clutter consists of gifts from grandma,” says […]

News in Brief: The Worst Year Ever

The holidays are over and the New Years celebrations have come to a close as people return to regular life and begin 2021. To kick off the New Year, The Pot Hole News has decided look back on the year that many consider to be the worst one in collective memory. Some would go as […]

Reminder: Keep the Christ and Corporate Interests in Christmas

Despite the topsy-turvy year it has been, it’s likely that you will be spending Christmas morning of 2020 under the tree, unwrapping presents, and spending time with your family. While this is a normal, healthy way to spend Christmas Day, The Pot Hole News begs our readership to spend some time alone to reflect on […]


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