Anthropologists Discover First Man Ever to Actually Go Out For Just one Beer

PRINCE ALBERT, SK – During a recent anthropologic field study of human behaviors while socializing, researchers uncovered a shocking discovery in the Saskatchewan city of Prince Albert. Over the course of the six month field observation, the Canadian Anthropology Association were studying simple behaviors of Prince Albert residents, hoping to get a glimpse into the

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Heartwarming: Local Man Celebrates International Women’s Day by Washing Dishes for Girlfriend

ELROSE, SK – Local agriculture parts salesman and feminist ally hero, Daniel Samuelson (33), has once again set the standard for men everywhere to celebrate the women in their lives by doing his annual dishwashing ceremony for his girlfriend and local nurse, Jamie Hatfield (29). In a stunning display of affection and admiration of the

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The People of the PotHole: Dr. Suess Edition

Welcome to The People of the Pot Hole! On this newest segment of the Pot Hole News, we survey people from across the province and ask them their thoughts on developing stories and topical issues. Today’s question is: Six Dr. Suess books have recently been pulled from future publication due to insensitive and racist imagery.


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