Scott Moe Weirdly Specific About Using Propane on May Long Weekend

REGINA, SK – With the province of Saskatchewan loosening its restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Scott Moe sat down with The Pot Hole to remind Saskatchewan residents that the fight is not over and that we all still need to do our part to maintain the flattened curve. According to Moe, the lion’s share of this strategy is to ensure that any meat cooked outdoors on a grill over the Victoria Day weekend is done with a clean-burning fuel source to eliminate the risk of infection.  

“The rate that this COVID-19 can spread is just asinine, I’ll tell you what,” said Moe. “I’ll be damned if the residents of our great province won’t be able to get out there on May long to enjoy a rare steak thoroughly cooked by sweet lady propane. Yep, with a reliable fuel source such as propane you can be certain that the COVID will be stripped right off and you can be safe to taste the meat, not the heat.”

When asked why propane was the recommended fuel to cook meats with and not other common outdoor cooking fuels such as charcoal or natural gas, the Premier released what could be best described as a half-laugh, half-scoff. “Yeah, that might work if you like waiting three hours for a steak that tastes like an ashtray or paying $600 Sask Energy bills for a barbecue that you can’t even take out to the lake. If you want a fuel source that you can take anywhere, won’t break the bank, and that you can depend on to keep your family safe, there is only one option: propane.” The Premier of the province went on to describe that the servicemen and women of Saskatchewan propane suppliers always strive for maximum customer satisfaction and will give you the best peace of mind that you can’t get with “those big-box stores or those gat-dang wood chips that the kids think counts as grilling these days.”   

The interview had unfortunately been cut short when Moe received a phone call informing him that Weyburn-Big Muddy MLA, Dustin Duncan, had borrowed the Premier’s lawnmower without his permission again and returned it with an empty tank of gas. Mr. Moe could be heard storming out of the building yelling, “Well, that just tears it! You tell Dustin that he’s done it this time, I’m gonna kick his ass!”

*Photo Credit: Government of Saskatchewan*