Lunch and a Beer Quickly Turns Into Two Separate Four-Hour Shifts at University Pub

*Photo Credit: Louis Hansel*

Regina, SK – Lunch and a beer took a turn for the worse for fourth year Education major Thomas Singleton, who was seen entering The Owl, the University of Regina campus pub, at approximately 11:45 A.M.

“Well, I do have a couple of hours to kill before my next class. I figured that I would get some chicken fingers. Everything in the food court aside from Henderson’s is garbage. Besides, The Owl is the only place on campus where you can watch Sports Centre and actually have a seat to yourself. While I’m here, a pint with my meal couldn’t hurt,” Singleton explained to passerby Dustin Harrison, a fellow bar patron and member of Singleton’s rec floor hockey team last year.

“Christ, I haven’t seen you in a while. Mind if I pull up a chair?” inquired Harrison.

Singleton offered Harrison a seat and ordered a pint of Bohemian beer, chicken strips, and fries. Singleton revealed to Harrison that he had “a ton of shit to do” and was “fuckin’ stressed out.” Singleton then told Harrison, “I only got time for one, maybe two.”

Bartenders at The Owl recall serving Singleton a second pint of beer and his chicken strips when he asked about the Tuesday deal of $1 Off Tall Boys. “That’s tight, every tall boy is a dollar off?”

According to Harrison, Singleton then stayed at The Owl for another 3 hours and 6 cans of tall boy style Budweiser before he had to leave for his required 4th year Ethics class. As Singleton threw on his backpack haphazardly, he described the class’ mandatory attendance as, “a fuckin’ bullshit rule for a fuckin’ bullshit major.”

According to classmates, Singleton was seated in class at 3:35 P.M., noticeably intoxicated. Classmates also recall Singleton having to “rock a piss” approximately every 15 minutes throughout the 50-minute lecture. According to Tyler Throberg, a close friend of Singleton, the two returned to The Owl after the Ethics class as Singleton did not want to waste a “good fuckin’ buzz.” They stayed in The Owl for another couple of hours before Singleton asked, “When did all of these Engineering dicks get here?” as The Owl became packed due to its regular Tuesday Night Trivia.

Throberg and Singleton stayed at The Owl during trivia night. Although the two were not playing, they were heard giving out answers to neighboring tables. When bartenders at The Owl quit serving Singleton at around 8:30 P.M., Singleton reportedly said, “Fine, I’ll go across the street for $5 dollar schooners and try my luck at the arcade,” referring to the video lottery terminals at a neighboring pub.

When the next morning arrived, Throberg asked a visibly hungover Singleton about a research paper due the following day. Singleton told Throberg, “It’s due tomorrow at noon, I have nothing but time. Want to go The Rack for a pint and hammer it out together?”