Casual Gambler Wins the Hearts and Minds of Local Bar with Legendary Jackpot

Small Town Gambling (Hello I'm Nik)
Photo Credit: Hello I’m Nik

UNITY, SK – Reporters from The Pot Hole had the absolute honour to sit down with Brian Jenkins (24) to hear how he inspired his community members and for advice on how he “dialed in on the VLTs.” The legend begins ordinarily when Jenkins was at the local bar with his girlfriend, Renée Patterson (21), and a few work friends for drinks and some dry ribs. After a spell of boring conversation topics and Renée “totally ragging out”, Jenkins decided that he was going to play the video lottery terminals (VLTs) as a brief reprieve from his tedious company. According to Jenkins, he turned to his VLT favourite, Wild Life.

“I put in $20, lost it immediately. It wasn’t fun but it still beat the snooze-fest at my table, so I threw in another green,” said Jenkins, referring to how he placed another $20 bill into the same machine.”

Playing with only $20, he felt apprehensive to place a maximum bet, so opted to play all lines at $1.25. After losing approximately $10, he decided that he might as well “give ‘er” and hit the battered MAX BET button.

“After my second spin, I was down to five bucks. I switched it up by not hitting the actual play button and hit the touch screen play button, instead. Did you know that hitting the screen gives you a twenty percent better chance of getting free spins over the plastic one? I did, and it was time to start playing chess, not checkers. On the first reel I had an Africa on the bottom, dick-all on the second, top of the third was another Africa. My heart skipped a beat and I knew that I can’t be a boy all of my life – I pressed on. The fourth reel had an Africa in the middle. That’s when I saw the Africa icon pass then snap back into the bottom like the crack of a whip on the fifth. That was it, that’s four Africas! Them fuckers are good for fifteen Free Spins. Fifteen Free Spins on a max bet, to boot. The world stopped at that moment, all that I could hear was the sound of my own heartbeat.”

Bar patrons and staff had frozen in their places and other VLT enthusiasts in the proximity of Jenkins had stopped playing their machines to witness the fabled 15 Free Spins. They had read about this happening, they had seen it on TV, but they never thought in their wildest dreams that they would see it with their own eyes. The bar became silent as the incredulous events unfolded. The only sound that could be heard in the local tavern was the bellowing of, “BUFFALO!” from a neighbouring video lottery terminal.

“My first spin of fifteen got three Qs, which is a bit of a slap in the face, but I battled through it. My second spin got a Wild on the fourth reel. That was the TSN Turning Point,” reports Jenkins. “On my fifth spin, the middle reel got a Wild. That’s what you need: if this were buck hunting, that’s your head-down, broadside shot. I held my breath. My eighth Free Spin followed through and I got the second reel.”

According to sources, the fellow slot jockeys erupted in victorious hollers and ordered a round of shots in exuberance. “The energy was like Joe Rogan watching a right-hand knock-out during a UFC fight. The bar went from silent to ear-splittingly louder with every spin. We went apeshit seeing spin after spin coming up with between $175 to $390, it never seemed to end,” said Cody Grebinski (38), a Wolf Run enthusiast who had witnessed the events first-hand.

Jenkins told reporters he will never forget when that $1,748.00 on the screen blessed his eyes. “I hit the cash out button so fuckin’ fast. It only gives you sixty seconds to do it; you guys know that.” He had also informed The Pot Hole that the winning was timely as he had an outstanding $247.00 tab with the bar from a bender after a successful fishing trip the previous weekend.

At press time, Pot Hole reporters were seen playing Wild Life on the same machine Jenkins won the jackpot at with their allotted per diem mileage and meal money.

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