The Top 5 Bars in Saskatchewan to Score Some Molly

Top 5 E (Hal Gatewood)
Photo Credit: Hal Gatewood


1 – The Gas Tavern: This pub located in the heart of Prince Albert offers more than just cold draughts and a hot dance floor. Finding an MDMA hook-up in this legendary pub is a cinch if you know the right people.

2 – The Gas Tavern: Seriously, The Gas Tavern is such a clutch place to get Molly that we had to list it again. You can rave here all night high as an eagle off of the best stuff in the province. You won’t find none of that shit cut with caffeine pills and aspirin here.

3 – The Gas Tavern: Not only is the E here far, far better than anything you could find in Saskatoon or Regina, but the price can’t be beat, either. The best part is that I know the guy who sells it there and I can put in the good word in for you. I’ll let him know that you’re cool.

4 – The Gas Tavern: I’m going to level with you, I’m the Molly-guy at The Gas Tavern. I live only two minutes away from the place and can be there anytime day or night. Gimme a text when you’re there.

5 – The Gas Tavern: Look, if I don’t move $250 of MDMA by next Saturday then Terror Squad is going to kill me. If they don’t find me, the Hell’s Angels will. Please, I’m begging you. I need you to buy some before it’s too late.