DreamWorks Announces #BOSSBABE Movie

BOSSBABE (Dane deaner @danedeaner)
Photo Credit: Dane Deaner

LOS ANGELES, CA – DreamWorks Animation has announced the release of a new cinema franchise scheduled for release during the 2021 summer blockbuster season titled #BOSSBABE. The latest teaser trailer released on the company’s Youtube channel and other social media outlets revealed that the movie is to be done in DreamWork‘s familiar Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) fashion and is set to be a feel-good family movie about a female hustler who isn’t afraid to pave her own path.

“We wanted to put a fresh, modern spin on the timeless tale of women who are ready to be their own boss while making unlimited earning potential,” said Nicole Jasper, a marketing executive for the animation company. “The best part about this movie is that you will be able to watch it from home so that you can be with your kids.”

“Aren’t you ready to embark on this cinematic adventure?” Jasper added.

The film is reported to have recruited the talents of Kelly Chase of Love is Blind fame and BeachBody Certified Health Coach to provide the voice of the titular #BOSSBABE. It is also reported that her husband will be played by Kelly Chase, the 1990s St. Louis Blues right-winger and enforcer from Porcupine Plain, SK.

Additionally, #BOSSBABE will have a unique approach to the box office and home release sales. “You don’t just go to the theatre and purchase a ticket as you would like a regular movie that caps sales and keeps women like you down,” Jasper told The Pot Hole.

“Instead, when you purchase a ticket, you will then become a ‘Ruby Level Ambassador’. This means that you are a part of the DreamWorks family and can start selling tickets to the movie and begin earning a commission immediately. Not only can you watch the movie unlimited times on any streaming service of your choice but will also be treated with a plethora of rewards and benefits for our sales staff, including a one-week all-expenses-paid cruise for our top sellers! Now, here’s the exciting part: once you have built a customer base buying too many copies of #BOSSBABE from you, you can begin recruiting other Ambassadors to sell the movie for you as a part of your team. This will make you a ‘Sapphire Level Ambassador’. You can continue to level up to Emerald, Diamond, Gold, and then finally Platinum, building your business and collecting commissions as you enjoy the heartwarming #BOSSBABE experience the entire time!”

The Pot Hole was convinced in the potential of this bold business venture and inquired for a pre-screening of the ground-breaking film. After viewing the film, The Pot Hole is so excited by this opportunity that we would feel terrible for not spreading the incredible earning potential that this movie can provide for an intelligent, friendly individual like yourself. You were born to work for yourself and you are so great with people. For just $350.00 CAD, you can get started with The Pot Hole as a Ruby Level Ambassador and get your Ambassador Package today!