Struggling SK Musician Moves to Montreal to Pursue Dream of Being Struggling Musician in Montreal

SASKATOON, SK – Guitarist and singer/songwriter Darren Bourassa (21) has announced today that he will be leaving behind poverty and the toxic music scene in Saskatchewan in order to hone his craft in poverty and a toxic music scene in Montreal, QB. The songwriter, who performs indie acoustic pop under the name “February Tears”, has decided the inaction over his own life has been ongoing for long enough and is beginning to pursue the life that he has always wanted.

“My life is stagnant, now is the time to make a change,” said Bourassa. “I cannot keep living in a bachelor suite paying $800 per month in Saskatoon if I want to make something of myself. I need to begin paying $900 per month living with five roommates in a two-bedroom apartment like a real musician if I ever want to make a living doing what I love.”   

Bourassa went on to discuss his dreams of living in squalor and barely eking out a living in the glamorous Francophone city and ensured our reporters that he does have back-up plans in place if his unique brand of acoustic coffee-shop indie does not pay all of the bills. “I have a buddy there who can hook me up with a dish-washing gig, if needed,” says Bourassa. “She says that I have to improve my French if I want to work there but Montreal is pretty accepting of English, I think I will be fine without it.”

He also went on to give some inspiring words to upcoming musicians who are unsure of their futures, “The time to move to a major metropolis to perform live in venues is now, specifically in the summer of 2020. There are those that will tell you that ‘you will never make it as musician’ to your face, but you will show them when they say the same thing to a landline phone whose bills are two months past due. To make it as an artist in Canada it is essential to starve for your art and to starve because you spent your last $15 on a gourmet poutine.”

At press time, Bourassa was devastated to find out that his dreams would have to wait another three weeks as his credit card was declined while attempting to board a plane at YXE.