Coffee Shop Talk: Retired Farmer Still Feels Ripped off from Set of Tires Purchased in 1985

KYLE, SK – Retired farmer and coffee shop regular, Don Chandler (67), feels that he got “screwed” over a set of tires he purchased 35 years ago. According the Chandler, the tires were meant for his 1979 tandem cattle trailer and he bought the set from a “shifty little cocksucker who was trying to get something for nothing.”

Although much time has passed, he will never forget the set of tires that he described as “shitty, cracked, and balder than the fat bastard who sold them”. When pressed on the amount he paid for the set of 4 tires, Chandler recalled the listing in the classified section of The Star Phoenix.

“The tires were originally listed for $600, so I gave him a call and haggled him down to $450,” says Chandler, noticeably puffing out his chest. Chandler cannot remember the make of the tires; he just recalls that the tires manufactured overseas. “It was probably some 11-year-old [redacted] who made the tires, getting paid 9 cents a day.”

Chandler is unaware of whatever happened to the swindler who made off with his hard-earned money, but vows that if he ever got his hands on him he would stick his head up where the sun don’t shine.