Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Saskatchewan Day

Saskatchewan Day is here! We at The Pot Hole News could not be more excited about this national holiday and are so excited that the nation is coming together to celebrate Saskatchewan! As Saskatchewan’s Realest News Source, our staff have pooled together to think of the best ways for you to celebrate Saskatchewan. We came up with this Top 10 list to help you celebrate the easiest province to draw and the hardest to spell! So, let your dog run for three days, grab your CERB cheque, crack a Pilsner, and join us in these fun, family-friendly activities today!   

1 – Watch an episode or two of 24. We’re pretty sure that Kiefer Sutherland is like one of Tommy Douglas’ great-nephews, or something

2 – Try the Melville Mile! This unique fitness challenge involves eating 10 pierogis, 5 smokies, drinking a lukewarm Pilsner then running a mile, repeat until you drop! If this is too challenging for you, try the Kamsack Kilometres! This challenge is almost the same, except instead of beer you do a bump of meth and drive to Englehart, Ontario in a stolen car nonstop with no sleep or food.

3 – Call an out-of-province friend or relative to remind them that you know one of The Dead South guys.

4 – Assure loved ones that you love Saskatchewan and won’t leave for Alberta as soon as the economy gets better (by the time it does get better no one will remember you saying this, so you can have your cake and eat it too).

5 – Wear your bunnyhug with pride and swallow that nagging voice in the back of your head that the term “bunnyhug” is incredibly lame. You know it’s true, but just let it be.

6 – Take a drive with some friends around the countryside to soak in all the beautiful summer crops. Ensure that you comment of the status of every crop that you see as if you know what you are talking about.

7 – Leave room for some me-time during all of the long-weekend partying. Get away and do a Google search of “green poop” and “Nickelback”. We had the highest volume of those searches a few years ago and we’ll be damned to lose that.

8 – Please be reminded that COVID-19 is still alive and real! As tempting as it is, do not attend any Hutterite parties. We realize that they do have the best, most shit-kicking, fucking ragers and keggers but you may have to sit those out this year. Our staff will miss Ezekiel from Star City too but will have to wait until next year to see his legendary 6-beer butt-chug.    

9 – Bring up Vico at family gatherings then act surprised when the sixteen-year-olds there don’t know what that is.

10 – Keep your elders in the forefront of your mind during this weekend. Take some time to go visit your Kokum, your Mushum, your Baba, your Gido, your Babushka, your Opa, your Yia Yia, your Papi, your Maymee, your Bamaw, your Jamma, your Mams, your MeMo, your Nagypapa, your Seanathair, your Dziadek, your Bibi, your Morfar, your Lolo, your Ouma, and even that uncle that your mom won’t let near your little sister.