Métis Population Spikes During Scholarship Season

REGINA, SK – Census Canada and the Métis Nation Saskatchewan announced that they are perplexed by the fluctuations of the Métis population in Saskatchewan. These findings came from a 10-year cohort study in which self-declared and registered Métis population samples were withdrawn via interviews and census data. The results of this study strongly suggest that the Métis population surges during the spring and the fall of the year and then these numbers dip again between a two to four-year period.

Many anthropologists, such as Dr. Leah Fisher from Census Canada, suspects that the surge has a correlation with Métis-specific and Indigenous scholarships and bursaries that are available during those times. “Our findings show that these spikes in Métis declarations occur primarily within the 17 to 22 age brackets. What I suspect is that these scholarships inspire the young men and women of Canada to evaluate their own heritage. It is inspiring to see these academic and monetary awards influence the Métis in Western Canada to evaluate their heritages.”

The Pot Hole reached out to Cody Friedman (18), who had recently declared himself as a Citizen of the Métis Nation in response to an upcoming deadline on a Gabriel Dumont Institute bursary for Métis bachelor students in financial need. The award was slotted for $5,000 CAD per semester for one year for students who could demonstrate dire financial need for their secondary education. The Arborfield, SK native and hopeful power engineering graduate at the University of Regina could not be reached for comment in person as him and his family were in Cancun, Mexico for their yearly trip to the Crown Paradise Club All Inclusive Resort. The Pot Hole settled for a Skype interview with the descendent of the
Bois Brûlé, who was at the poolside bar wearing nothing but a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and a smile.

“Yeah, it is such a great thing that we live in a country where Métis students can benefit from these scholarships. Especially for those who do not have the finances or resources to do it on their own, like myself,” Friedman said as he took a shot of 1800 Coleccion. When asked if Friedman would like to say something in Michif for aspiring Métis students, Friedman responded, “Mischief? No, we don’t have any of that where I’m from. That shit belongs on the reserves.”