News in Brief: This Looks Like a Decent Spot to Rock a Piss

KINISTINO, SK – Local sources have confirmed that after driving for two-and-a-half-hours and going through two cups of coffee, a bottle of water, and three cigarettes within that time frame, a small shoulder on the right side of the road would be a decent spot to get out of the vehicle and rock a piss.

The shoulder in question can be found approximately ten kilometres East of Kinistino, SK and is directly off the Number 3 highway. Sources have reported that the shoulder is so close to the highway that getting out of the vehicle and back in would not be a pain in the ass, yet the highway is not busy at the moment. The chances of someone seeing the urination happening are unlikely.

Eyewitnesses have reported that a brief scare was experienced during the urination when a white vehicle could be seen approaching in the distance. Fortunately, the vehicle in question was just a white Ford Bronco with an attached bicycle rack on the roof, and not an RCMP vehicle as previously suspected. After driving northbound from Kinistino, local sources have also suggested that the vehicle is far enough out of town and will be driving on grids for the rest of the trip. It is probably alright to crack one beer.