Man Wonders if Liquor Store Will Miss Him Too

REGINA, SK – Due to new opportunities presented to him, lifelong Reginian Derek Wozniak (34) has been confronted with the reality of moving to Red Deer, Alberta to pursue a new job as a Mortgage Specialist.

Wozniak told The Pot Hole that while he is excited for this new path in his career as it pays far better and has more opportunities for career development than his current role as a Financial Advisor, he cannot help but feel the bittersweet weight of leaving his old life in Regina behind. Specifically, Wozniak expressed that he will miss the staff of various liquor stores around the city that he frequents often, and wonders if they will miss him.

“Who could forget such classic characters such as that grumpy dude at the South Albert LB who kind of looks like Iain Glen?” says Wozniak, “or that super fine clerk who always wears gloves at the North Albert? Each time I entered a liquor store in the city it was always for a new experience, but shopping for booze itself felt like coming home or sliding into an old pair of slippers.”

Wozniak, who visited a Regina liquor store almost daily, states that his move is difficult because it is like leaving family behind.

“These are the people that you spend the most time with, even more than your own family. I just hope that they understand that I am moving only because I have a really great opportunity to further my career. I cherish each and every moment that I have spent with them buying everything from a king can of Tundra Ice to a Texas mickey of Grey Goose.”

At press time, staff members of Liquor Depot Eastview were already familiar with Mr. Wozniak and his drinks of choice after barely a week of him relocating to Red Deer.