Girlfriend Planning Autumn Photoshoot

Flora Westbrook/Pexels

ROSETOWN, SK – As the pages of time turns from the heat of summer to the crisp, earthy atmosphere of the fall, sources have confirmed that local girlfriend Amber Bowen (24), has already booked several hours with a local photographer for a number of photoshoots featuring herself and her boyfriend of four years, Patrick Tremblay (27).

According to Bowen, the photoshoots are to include a multitude of shots of the couple holding hands while standing on grid roads, canoodling in yellow and orange foliage backdrops, expressing affection in and near abandoned farm buildings, as well as various poses of the couple together on farm equipment. Bowen had also expressed her plans to include photos of Tremblay bearhugging her in a wheat field and her sitting on his lap on the tailgate of his 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport. She had described her vision for the resulting photos as, “hella cute.”

In addition to preparing for the hours of photoshoots, Ms. Bowen had informed The Pot Hole that she had also prepared a number of captions drawn from her favourite band, Rascal Flatts, to impose onto the photos and to caption when posted to social media. These include: “This is one night I’m wishing I could rewind”, “I melt, every time you look at me that way”, “You’ve got a place inside of my heart, I can feel you there when the music starts”, and many others.   

The photoshoots are reported to take several hours each and will include multiple outfit changes from both Tremblay and Bowen, although sources confirm that Bowen is to have complete creative control on all clothing choices from both parties. Ms. Bowen’s intention of the photoshoot is to showcase the relaxed, spontaneous, and humble nature of her relationship through bookings with a photographer months in advance, carefully crafted poses and displays of affection, and ensuring that the entire collection of photoshoots are posted to various social media sites after undergoing a series of editing and filter changes.

When asked for Tremblay’s view on Ms. Bowen’s ambitious photography endeavors, Mr. Tremblay simply expressed that the total cost of the photoshoots will be approximately the same amount as the upcoming Sony PS5. Mr. Tremblay expressed that this piece of information may prove to be worth sitting around on an apple orchard for several hours to, “take some dumbass pictures”.