5 Things You Need to Know About the Saskatchewan Election

Saskatchewan’s elections are well underway, and politicians have been rallying to have the public hear as to why their respective parties should be voted in. Despite their efforts, The Pot Hole News understands that between harvest, COVID-19, and the far more entertaining American elections also underway, the Saskatchewan elections may have slipped under you radar. Therefore, we have compiled the Top 5 pieces of information to keep you up to date on the Saskatchewan elections and to convince your co-workers and family that you care about local politics.

1 – Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan, formerly known as Wexit Saskatchewan, is set to begin a unique political campaign in which Wade Sira shares his political views via a number of lengthy YouTube videos filmed from inside his truck while he drives around and smokes cigarettes or parks in Walmart lots. Reports suggest that it is likely Sira will be shirtless while driving and will speak for well over 10 minutes per video.

2 – Current Premier Scott Moe has been criticized for recently closing 12 ER facilities but warns that there’s a lot more where that came from depending on where you put your check on the ballot.

3 – Premier Scott Moe’s primary opposition is Dr. Ryan Meili of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party. As a physician, Dr. Meili is cut from a cloth of high moral fiber and is impervious to serving corporate and pharmaceutical interests.  

4 – In these unprecedented times, voting systems will slightly change due to COVID-19 concerns. Mail-in voting and advanced polls are to be more readily available. Campaigning is also set to be consistent as you are still going to receive those campaigning calendars that are too small to use and those dorks who come to your door will now just be dorks with masks on.

5 – We understand that texts from Kate from the Saskatchewan Party can be annoying, intrusive, and arguably a violation of privacy rights. That being said, be kind to her as there are people out there who still love her, even if she doesn’t love them back anymore. Please, Kate, if you are reading this know that I have stopped drinking and haven’t touched a VLT machine in three months. I just miss you and the kids so much, please give me another chance.