Moe and Meili Weigh Decision of Going to Either Trifon’s or The Broken Rack

The Leader Post

REGINA, SK – The delegates of the upcoming Saskatchewan Provincial Election found themselves once again at odds after discussing a multitude of issues on Wednesday, October 14th’s debate. The debate covered topics such as the economy, management of COVID-19, budget priorities for resources such as hospitals and schools, Indigenous community development, and more. The incumbent and the applicant of the position for the Premier of Saskatchewan were noted to have a respectful debate despite the fact that they disagreed on most of the topics discussed.

However, sources confirm that the opposition on either side have been less civil deciding which local pub to spend some casual time together at. NDP representatives have reported that Meili’s platform requests that the pair go to Trifon’s on Kramer Blvd. while Moe and the Sask Party want to spend a night at The Broken Rack.

“Look, I like The Rack. Honestly, I do,” says Meili. “But our budgets require that we go to Trifon’s. Mr. Moe would have us pay $8.00 per schooner when we could be paying $5.75.”

“Not only that, but there are also no opportunities for large influxes of cash to assist in balancing the budget,” Meili continued, referencing the lack of Video Lottery Terminals (VLTS) at The Broken Rack.

“Right now, The Broken Rack is what is needed for a strong night out,” Mr. Moe retorted. “The Rack is the perfect place to begin a night with a couple of rounds of pool, some Buck Hunter, and some bomb-ass wings.”

Wings were also reported to be a hot topic of discussion, with the pair speaking diligently on price points, flavour varieties, and sauce consistency between the two Regina bars.

“The Rack also has cabs and Ubers on stand-by if we do want to spend time elsewhere,” Mr. Moe continued. “That being said, I will drive. No need to worry, I totally got this, bro,” he said as he stuck a piece of gum in his mouth.

After much debate, the pair did decide on Trifon’s since a Circle K, a McDonald’s, and an off sale surround the local pub. It was decided that these opportunities would yield a superior end-of-the-night experience. A factor that also influenced this decision is the lower possibility of, “running into that dickhead Wade.”