Woman in Pyramid Scheme Happier than You Will Ever Be

Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

BURSTALL, SK – Sources have confirmed what was always suspected. Local Burstall mother of two and sales associate for a variety of multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, Leanne Grisdale (24), has already achieved a level of true happiness and life satisfaction at such a young age that you will never come close to.

Mrs. Grisdale had her children immediately out of high school and joined a couple of MLM programs to help her support them. She currently is a sales associate for several products including weight-loss shakes, scent-based home products, body-wraps, and food containers. She married her children’s father, Richard Grisdale (32), a local electrician. The two share a home that they own, are active members in their communities, and practice more love and honest communication than you have ever had or will continue to have.  

According to local sources, Mrs. Grisdale is completely and perfectly happy, some would say in a state of perpetual bliss. She has everything that she values: her family, a well-connected social group, and the opportunity to help other people like her. Obviously, she goes through hardships, but has the emotional tools and support structure to manage them in a healthy and constructive way. You ran from your hometown, chasing prestige and fortune, never finding the self-love that she had in her all along.

Imagine all the happiest times in your life and put them all together. That is essentially what every day feels like for Mrs. Grisdale. You roll your eyes at the corny Christian stuff that she posts on Facebook, but if you took the time to read it and think about it instead of having your nose up in the air, you would see that she is expressing her gratitude for the things that she has in life and is not afraid to look foolish doing so. That is a freedom from insecurity that you will never experience.      

In conclusion, Mrs. Grisdale has had it figured out from the start. You haven’t even started figuring it out.