If Scott Moe Cares for Saskatchewan People So Much Why am I Always the Designated Driver?

SHELLBROOK, SK – Mr. Scott Moe continues to speak on his plan about building a strong Saskatchewan, but what do we really know about Scott? The Sask Party is slated to win over the NDP by a landslide, meaning another 4 years of Moe. This means another 4 years of me being the goddamn designated driver. Great, just fantastic.

Listen, I honestly don’t mind being the DD every once in a while. If I can get my crew to and from the bar safely while they have a good time, I think that that is worth it and something that friends should do for each other. A lot of bars in the area even give me a discount on food for being a safe ride. But, seriously, do I have to DD every time that we are out together, Mr. Moe? Do you not think that it would be fair to let me rack up a $90.00 tab at the bar, for a change? Do you think that when it is 1:45 a.m. and it is time to go home that I wouldn’t want to be the guy saying, “Dude, just one more drink”? Do you not think that I would maybe like to be guy buying a round with money that I don’t have? Of course, I would! But you have never stopped to think about that.

Don’t give me that nonsense about Uber or a cab, either Mr. Moe. You know as well as I do that there are neither in most, if not all, of the bars that we go to. You’ve been in your ivory tower for so long that you’ve forgotten the nights we used to have at the Canwood bar. It is time for you to hold up to your promises to the Saskatchewan people, it is time for you to be the DD and drink tepid tap water all night.