What is Written at a Point of Interest Stop? Nobody Knows

STAR CITY, SK – Whether it be driving the kids to a hockey a hockey game or out to the ol’ campgrounds for the summer, most Saskatchewanians are familiar with the highway and long, long drives. Along the way, people notice the odd sign along the Number 3, the 13, or even the 11 that reads, “Point of Interest”.

But what do these Point of Interest stations mean? To the untrained eye, they appear to be just rest-stops without unsanitary bathrooms and stoned gas station clerks. However, if you were to look a little closer, you would see that there are stone pillars with brass engravings located at these stops. These engravings appear to have writing on them, but what do they say? That is the second greatest mystery in Saskatchewan just after what in the Hell exactly happened to Vico. You see, nobody knows what the Point of Interest Signs say because nobody in the history of ever has ever actually stopped to read them. They could have been there before civilization, for all that we know.

Nobody knows what these mysterious Points of Interest are all about, but luckily for you, The Pot Hole News has a few theories. We believe that if someone where to actually stop at a Point of Interest, they might read the following:

  • The Da Vinci Code. Not the code, itself, but the 2003 Dan Brown novel, The Da Vinci Code written in its entirety on a brass plaque.
  • Instructions on how to make perfect Shake n Bake chicken without the bottom half of it peeling off on you when you take it off the baking sheet.
  • The true story of what happened to Carole Baskins’ first husband, Don Lewis, and where you can find his body.
  • An incoherent, anti-sematic rant written by your uncle who spends too much time on Facebook.
  • The answers that you have been desperately trying to find at the bottom of a bottle.

Of course, the easiest way to tell what is at a Point of Interest sign would be to simply pull over and take a look. Investigative journalists with The Pot Hole News informed us that they did see a Point of Interest sign a few days ago, but were in a hurry to get to Melfort for a new fuel filter, and who has time for that shit?