DEMOCRACY LIVES! Our Thoughts on the U.S. Election

SEMANS, SK – Here at The Pot Hole News our mission statement is simple: Saskatchewan’s Realest News Source. We are on the frontlines delivering the Saskatchewan news that matters to Saskatchewanians. We keep the news local, focusing on the hard-hitting journalistic facts that affect the day-to-day lives of our farmers, our teachers, and all of our everyday men and women that wake up every morning and work damn hard to make this province as great as it is. Painters can read our news reports too, we guess.

But today we must speak on the United States election. The United States federal election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is a massive media storm. It is an unstoppable juggernaut with an insatiable appetite for attention. The results of the United States election will affect people right here at home. It is our duty to report on everything that affects the lives of Saskatchewanians. It is our journalistic obligation to report on the United States election.

We are absolutely delighted by the results of the election. We are blessed to live in a time when the democratic process works perfectly and gives us the leader that is the best for all. Today is the day that democracy has once again proven itself as an incorruptible form of government. The United States can look forward to four years of complete freedom and the total allowance of free rights and speech for all. We, at The Pot Hole News, are truly ecstatic by these results and are here to celebrate with you! Canada’s democracy has never been safer, so long as the United States keeps showing us the way. Our democracy lives with theirs, even if it does not feel like it all the time. Hold your families tight and embrace your neighbors. Feel the warmth from the Dawn of Peace.