“I’m Spending Christmas at the Bar. Checkmate, Liberals and My Ex-Wife”

Brody Childs/Unsplash

HUMBOLDT, SK – Health and freedom are not mutually exclusive. I am so tired of having my rights taken away from me time after time by Scott Moe and his team of doctors, forcing me to stay inside and wear a mask. To that, I say enough. I will not be silenced any longer and will not follow these ridiculous restrictions, I will be spending my Christmas at the bar again this year. No restrictions, no liberal fascism, and no ex-wives can stop me. If the liberals and my ex-wife don’t like it, they can get out of this province and move to B.C. with all the other hippies. Her new boyfriend has a cabin near one of the Nanaimo lakes, anyway.

Yep, while I’m sitting at the bar Christmas Day the sounds of liberal whining will be my soundtrack. I can just hear all those snowflake cucks now, “Please, John. If you want to be angry at me, fine. But don’t do this to the kids. Come home.”

The libs will probably follow that Democrat soundbite with, “You don’t have to do it for me, do it for them. They need their father on Christmas and they need him sober.” When I hear that I’ll just sit back, order another whiskey, and laugh at the liberal hysteria.

I never understood how the liberals can be so lazy and weak, yet so smug at the same time. I always hear the liberals saying shit like, “C’mon, John. I know you don’t like me very much because I’m dating Kathy but let me help you. You can crash at my place until you figure things out. You just need to get some sleep and a cup of coffee, buddy.” The liberals are holier-than-thou pricks who think they’re so much better than me just because they can stop after three drinks and drive Kathy to work every morning.

You want to spend Christmas time with your family in the household where I used to sleep? That’s fine, spend your life under the thumb of your liberal gods while you buy presents for my children and they gradually see you as their primary father figure.

Like the lone wolf I am, I choose to live free. Or, at least I was until the bartender decided to become brainwashed by the liberal agenda. Now he’s turned against me, spouting off Fake News facts about how I’ve had way too much at 2:00 p.m., alcohol poisoning kills and he’s cutting me off and getting me a cab for my own safety. Doesn’t that libtard know that only like 1% of the population dies from alcohol poisoning, and lots of those deaths people were cut off at the bar too? Screw this, I’m spending my Christmas at another bar where it’s not run by the SJW PC Police.