Liberal Weightlifting Competition Ends with All 30 Competitors Lifting 50 Lbs. Together, Having A Good Cry After

SASKATOON, SK – The end of such a chaotic year drew a shadow over on the most prolific annual athletic event in the province. The Pot Hole News, as always, is here to pick up the slack where Global and CBC are too busy pushing COVID-19 fluff pieces and Corner Gas reruns.

What the lamestream media won’t tell you is that just yesterday the official Saskatchewan Liberal Games began in Saskatoon, SK. The ceremonies began downtown with the lighting of the torch by a nonbinary, genderfluid, person living with reincarnation from the Sumerian cultural experience in 5,000 B.C representative for the, “The Saskatchewan Liberal Weightlifting Games Including Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Asexual, Polysexual, Bisexual, Bicycle Sexuals, Tricycle Sexuals, Sexuals the Warrior Princess, The Sexual Artist Formerly Known as Prince, The Prince Formerly Known as a Sexual Artist, a Guy Who Still Watches Family Guy, a Family Who Still Watches The Guy, ‘Fiscally Conservative but Socially Liberal’ People, Certified Forklift Operators, Snoop Dog, Snoop Lion, Snoopy, Droopy, The Dog in John Wick, Shrek, Conservatives Who Have a Thing for AOC’s Feet, Ben Shapiro, Sons of God, Sons of Bitches, Sons of Anarchy, Sons of a Preacher Man, People with an OnlyFans account, High Impact Wrestling Fans, People who Claim to be Métis but Aren’t, Shamans, That Guy Seamus That I Used to Hang Out with, and The Worst Person that You Work With.”

Anyway, it took 30 of them to lift 50 lbs. and they cried about it afterwards.