Reminder: Keep the Christ and Corporate Interests in Christmas

Despite the topsy-turvy year it has been, it’s likely that you will be spending Christmas morning of 2020 under the tree, unwrapping presents, and spending time with your family. While this is a normal, healthy way to spend Christmas Day, The Pot Hole News begs our readership to spend some time alone to reflect on what the holiday is actually about: celebrating the birth of Christ and the bottom line of major corporate retailers and consumer product manufacturers.

Consider the story of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus seeking refuge in a humble Bethlehem manger. Feel the warmth of knowing that all of Bethlehem hotel chains were at full capacity, exceeding their monthly sales quotas and moving forward into the next fiscal year with healthy corporate account balances and competitive market shares. Think of the inn-keeper, whose inn was at full-capacity but would not turn away a young family and allowed them to stay in the manger. Young families, after all, are the best demographic for food purchases, local shopping, and receives the highest public image ratings according to marketing.

Do not fret that the season of generosity will end after Christmas Day. Plans have been made months ago to keep the Yuletide going by the corporate machines that breathe meaning into our existence through material goods and quick highs for us to chase. Well into the new year we will drink from the milk of human kindness in the form of Boxing Day sales, inventory clearances, bargains, blowouts, sales extravaganzas, 0% APR financing (OAC), and reduced-rate contractual services. We are sure that when Christ looks down and sees that a new GoodLife Fitness member is receiving a 15% discount on a new membership contract and Personal Training Starter Pack with hot towel service included, well, it warms out heart to know that His kindness has seeped its way into the high-level management of our beloved corporations.

Remember that Christ died for our sins so that we could live free. He is always there and He is always watching us. His sacrifice and His diligence to our lives is much like the army of advertisers working tirelessly day-in and day-out to create a deep psychological profile on you to determine what to advertise to you far before you even considering buying it. We are never alone with Christ and the complex marketing algorithms that have exploiting your hopes, dreams, loves, fears, and insecurities down to an exact science.

From The Pot Hole News family to yours, have a Merry Christmas. Remember to keep Christ next to your heart, preferably through the purchase of a white gold Crucifix necklace encrusted with .08 K diamonds from Paris Jewellers or any of your fine local jewelry retailers.