News in Brief: The Worst Year Ever


The holidays are over and the New Years celebrations have come to a close as people return to regular life and begin 2021. To kick off the New Year, The Pot Hole News has decided look back on the year that many consider to be the worst one in collective memory. Some would go as far to say that this year was the worst one of the millennium so far.

Yes, of course, we are referring to the year of 2015. Obama was in, Harper was in, and bright-eyed Reginians were expecting a high-rise luxury apartment building rather than a giant hole for people to do meth in. But, not all was well six years ago. 2015 was also the tumultuous time of the Great Chew Famine. During the famine chewers across the province were unable to get their scores of Copenhagen, Skoal, and even Red Man.

Nothing has even come close to the tragedy that the province has faced during that time and may never again. The only thing that comes close is the Cigarette Taxation and Purge of 2018.