Donald Trump On the Way to SK with a Charter Bus, a Junior Hockey Team, and a Plan

Robert Penaloza/Unsplash

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Donald J. Trump was in the front seat of a 55 passenger charter bus, rubbing his hands methodically. He had 1,900 miles to go ’til the 49th parallel and he was ready to start fresh in the Great White North. He wasn’t alone and he wasn’t just with the driver, who was sipping his tepid coffee and dreaming of his own bed. No, this bus was full. It did not just carry people, it carried a team.

Mr. Trump did not have the ensemble of lawyers, politicians, and analysts that would usually travel with. He had no use for those types anymore. He looked back and smiled at the 30 young men seated on his charter, all aged between 17 to 20. A small team of men sat between them and Trump, consisting of a GM/Head Coach, an Assistant Coach, a Trainer, and an Equipment Manager. These kids were the finest picks from the Development Team and from Trump’s very own private scouts, all hungry as Hell and ready to make a name for themselves.

There would be no need for a small loan of a million dollars for the Next Big Thing. All Don would have to is cross the border and Scott Moe would take care of the rest.