We Applaud City Of Regina’s Decision to Allow Oil Company Advertising: A Post Brought to You By Husky Energy Inc.


REGINA, SK – The Pot Hole News, in collaboration with Husky Energy Inc. and subsidiaries, would like to send a congratulations to the City of Regina for their wise decision to repeal the energy sector advertising ban.

Here in Saskatchewan, we are all a family. Like all families, nothing matters more to us than the gross profit margins indexes of industrialized energy and fuel. In fact, it makes this journalist smile and fondly remember when he was a frightened child in bed, too frightened to sleep because of looming corporate tax audits this quarter in the energy sector. The thought of it alone would terrify me to my core and I would begin to cry. My father would come into my room and gently caress my forehead, gently reminding me that the fossil fuel companies would always be protected and subsidized.

When the City of Regina threatened to cease sponsorship of energy production and distribution organizations, the same dread that I felt as a child once again entered my bones. I feared for all of the innocent companies that would lose yearly advertising budgets, as well as marketing executives that would lose their middle management synergy teams. To have this happen would have been nothing short of a catastrophe of Biblical proportions and the last thing that our province’s everyday men and women need.

From all of us here at The Pot Hole News, thank you, Regina. You have once again averted disaster.