Local Man’s Online Banking Password Ends with ‘69’


PLUNKETT, SK – Local young man, David Jones (21), has been reported to have arguably his most important password, his online banking password, end with the number ’69’ to fulfill the alpha numeric requirement the Bank of Montreal (BMO) implemented. According to sources, the bank has a requirement of having a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters in their passwords for added security.

Jones only had the comment, “It’s so fuckin’ dumb that I require a number in my password. I can understand a special character, but why on God’s green, flat Earth do I need a number? The only two numbers I can remember are 69 and 420 but I’m not going to use 420 and add an additional character in the password. That would take typing the fuckin’ thing take way too long. Doesn’t making it mandatory that I have a number make it less secure anyway? Because now everyone knows that I have a number in there, and everyone can pretty fuckin’ well guess what that number is.”

After lamenting about the inefficiency of the bank’s password requirements, it is reported that Jones withdrew $100 from a local BMO automatic telling machine using his debit card’s four-digit PIN number, ‘6969’.