White Guy In His 20s Gonna Get Into Stand-Up Comedy and Tell It Like It Is

Miguel Arcanjo Saddi/Pexels

SASKATOON, SK – The local comedy scene of Saskatoon is about to be completely revolutionized when white dude and aspiring comedian, Ryan Jacobson (21), begins to hit the stage with his unique brand of no-holds-barred stand-up comedy. Although the time and location of Jacobson’s first gig is yet to be determined he did reveal to his friend, Kyle Edwards (21), that his act is going to include, “all the shit that people these days are too scared to say” while they were playing a round of NBA 2K21 on Xbox One.

Jacobson went on to elaborate that his comedic stylings are going to, “offend everybody, but especially the libs and SJWs, dude.” He then informed our Pot Hole representative that his stand-up routine is going to draw a lot of inspiration from the 1974 film, Blazing Saddles, and that there’s, like, no way that that movie could be made today, man.

At only age 21, the talented young comedian miraculously has the entire world figured out and is ecstatic to inform everyone who will listen exactly how it is. Reports have confirmed that Jacobson also intends to “play Devil’s advocate” on controversial topics such as race relations, modern feminism, poverty, and the age of consent.

At press time, Jacobson reportedly worked on his comedy routine for ten minutes before taking a “creativity break” to smoke two bowls of weed and watch YouTube clips of Bill Burr and Joe Rogan “triggering feminists” for five hours before falling asleep on the couch.