The People of the PotHole: Dr. Suess Edition

Welcome to The People of the Pot Hole! On this newest segment of the Pot Hole News, we survey people from across the province and ask them their thoughts on developing stories and topical issues.

Today’s question is: Six Dr. Suess books have recently been pulled from future publication due to insensitive and racist imagery. What do you think?

“I wonder what this will hold for some of Dr. Suess’ lesser known creatures such as The Trink or the Nyke?” – Wanda Heartke, Tisdale, Dating App Catfish.

“Good. Why let Dr. Suess have all the fun while you miss out on the most rewarding part of parenthood: filling your children’s heads with your own insecurities, irrational fears, and prejudices?” – Robert Yard, Swift Current, Unemployed.

“Just another example of the Berenstain agenda controlling children’s literature media.”
– Brody Simmons, Marsden, Female Sandal Sniffer

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