Product Review: Peach Bubly – How Does It Hold Up to Peach Skoal?

A New Pepsico© Product

SASKATOON, SK – Here at The Pot Hole News, we are huge fans of Pepsico© products, including alternative beverages and food products from Frito-Lay© and other subsidiaries. Of our favourite of these products to be released in the past few years, Peach Bubly might be one of our favourites. But, how does it compare to Peach Skoal, you may ask? Well, that was the number one question on our minds, too. So, let’s get into it.

First of all, people think that Bubly‘s are the drink of choice for grown women who won’t order a pizza over the phone because they are too scared to make a phone call. While that is true, they are also a refreshing beverage choice to give you the “burn” of a carbonated drink without all of the acidity and diabetes. Peach Skoal, on the other hand, is the chew of choice for those who aren’t scared of carving their own path. Peach Skoal dippers won’t be bullied into enjoying lesser products by juvenile misogynistic and homophobic insults from rubes who peaked in high school. In terms of real and perceived societal value from consuming a product, the clear winner is Peach Skoal.

The two products are much more comparable in terms of flavour, however. This is likely due to our old friend, FEMA 3091. The flavour of this beverage is incredible but would be even better in the summer sun. Every time I take a sip of Peach Bubly, I am taken back to the sweet days of summer where I would be cruising back roads with my friends, going to the lake, and sitting around the fire with a can of Peach Skoal.

In conclusion, Peach Bubly doesn’t deviate far from the fruit flavour range of the Bubly line up. If you’ve had a Bubly before and know what Peach Natural Flavour tastes like, you will know what to expect. If you are already a Bubly fan, this new-to-Canada flavour will be a nice new treat that is definitely worth checking out. If you do not like Bubly, than this probably won’t change your mind, either.

6/10 – Needs more nicotine and fiberglass.