North East VLT Reports

620 CKRM

If you’ve ever heard any AM radio station within range in Saskatchewan, the chances are that you are familiar with the daily reports that come from our fine airwaves. These include the weather, the Sask Ag calendar, hockey reports, and even highway reports.

However, the working man both behind the desk and in the tractor listen to their radios and clamor for more. It’s all fine and good to know what the roads will be like or if the weather will be nice enough to go golfing, but what about the VLTs? Where are the hot spots? What are the brand new tricks and tips brought to you by the pros?

As usual, The Pot Hole News is here to pick up the slack. Take a gander at our expert analysis of the North East VLT Reports and our monthly Expert Opinion!

Boston Pizza, Melfort, SK – Smash the Pig is HOT, HOT, HOT! If you have to get your tires changed at the Canadian Tire you’re gonna have at least 2 hours to spare, why don’t you spend it here and get that tire changed paid for?

Zarah’s Pizza, Tisdale, SK – Wash a bit of dirty money through this place with their fine selection of VLTs. Just sold over 30 lbs. of cocaine to some guy in Bjorkdale and have no idea what to do with the cash? No problem! Just bring it on over for a couple rounds of Royal Spins Deluxe and that money will be cleaner than a baby’s bottom in no time!

Tipsy’s Sports Bar, Chelan, SK – Sorry, Tipsy’s. We love you. You are one of the best bars in the North East, but the hard truth is your VLTs are trash. We recommend that our readers don’t let hard-earned cash go into Trudeau’s pockets, spend it on the wings and shots instead.

Shorebird Inn, Tobin Lake, SK – Bonus Island Keno is absolutely crushing it here! Just, for the love of God, wear a mask.

Desrochers Hotel, Hudson Bay, SK – Our investigative journalist was stabbed before he could reach the VLT room and complete his field work. He did say that the girl who stabbed him was pretty cute, though. Overall, he gave the experience a 4/10.

Kinistino Hotel, Kinistino, SK – We’ve been sitting in here for the past few hours playing Larry’s Lucky Lobstermania and have so far doubled ‘er up. Talk about trusting the process! By the way, if anyone is around, could we get a ride?

Expert Opinion:

“Power Keno pays best on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Never play before 2:00 or after 7:30.” – Garth Statler, 63, Grain Farmer

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