The Pot Hole News was conceived in 1920 by a German immigrant named Lars Baumann Von Stein. As a young man, he had come to Canada shortly after the Great War and moved to Insinger, SK, to pursue a career in farming. Despite his love of the bottle and Dr. Whitley’s Pharmaceutical Heroin, Mr. Baumann Von Stein was a well-read man and did not care for the available journalism at the time.

Disgusted by the lack of support for Kaiser Wilhelm II, incestuous marriage, and child labor buy-and-sell classifieds in mainstream news, Mr. Baumann Von Stein had decided that he had enough. He knew that he needed to get his truth out there to the Saskatchewan men and women that he had grown to know and love. Armed with only $2.50 in his pocket, a burlap sack of live cats (what happened to the cats is undetermined) and a friend with a printing press, Mr. Baumann Von Stein published the first Pot Hole News article, The God Forsaken Bolsheviks Are Coming For Your Livelihoods and Your Womenfolk. Will You Stand Like a Man or Will You Die Like a Dog? Although his publication was received as “the delusional ravings of a maniacal, ossified Fritz”, we have that first article framed here at The Pot Hole News. We believe in the spirit of the feature that started it all and base our entire business model on the fantastic work of Von Stein. While we only share only a fraction of Von Stein’s views on Eastern Europeans and Frenchmen, we 100% share his unbreakable spirit. Whether it be day or night, Hell or high-water, a beer-hangover or a rye-hangover, The Pot Hole News will always be here to deliver you the best and most timely local Saskatchewan news.