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Report: Where is My Goddamn 10mm!?

I am so sick and tired of this. I let you use my tools time and time again. What do I get in return for my consistent generosity? Bullshit! That’s what I get. I know that you have never worked a day in your life, so it will probably be hard for you to empathize […]

Moe and Meili Weigh Decision of Going to Either Trifon’s or The Broken Rack

REGINA, SK – The delegates of the upcoming Saskatchewan Provincial Election found themselves once again at odds after discussing a multitude of issues on Wednesday, October 14th’s debate. The debate covered topics such as the economy, management of COVID-19, budget priorities for resources such as hospitals and schools, Indigenous community development, and more. The incumbent […]

News in Brief: SK Uncles in Airbrushed Vans Mourn the Loss of Eddie Van Halen

MELFORT, SK – As the cries at loss of legendary guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen (EVH) has rung around the world, perhaps no one has heard them louder than your uncle who owns, “that sweet-ass van”. In fact, sources have confirmed that uncles around the province who drive vans ranging in models from the 1970s […]

Man with Extremely Depressing Life Enters Contest to Win Free Chicken Fingers

MELVILLE, SK – Local pathetic loser, Donald Richardson (36), has reportedly once again sunk to new lows, which hardly surprises any of his friends or family. According to local sources, the part-time house painter and recent divorcee is continuing the course of his pitiful life by entering a sad sweepstakes contest to win a prize […]

Man Who Spends $150/Week on Seasonal Craft Beer Scoffs at Pumpkin Spice Lattes

SASKATOON, SK – Local man Devon Monette (29), expressed his disappointment in the popularity of pumpkin spice flavouring in coffee, baked goods, and even beer during the autumn season. The yearly pumpkin spice craze is largely attributed to the coffee chain Starbucks for releasing the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or PSL, in 2003 and releasing the […]

5 Things You Need to Know About the Saskatchewan Election

Saskatchewan’s elections are well underway, and politicians have been rallying to have the public hear as to why their respective parties should be voted in. Despite their efforts, The Pot Hole News understands that between harvest, COVID-19, and the far more entertaining American elections also underway, the Saskatchewan elections may have slipped under you radar. […]


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